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船時間2009/03/23 12:00
日本時間2009/03/23 10:30

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■3月23日 団役員コメント

Following yesterday’s unique on-deck and literally moving graduation ceremony, today was a “Free Day” with little to report except for “teaching award-winning” Terayama-sensei’s 24th birthday (accuracy of her age could not be confirmed) and an announcement of our final “See you again Party” on the 27th. The Crazy Craft Crew made Dreamcatchers and other students worked to finish their Eco-Hashi (chopsticks). All students have been busy writing their final reports to be submitted upon our arrival in Shimizu on March 29.
Along with the comforting relief of heading for home, there is a different air of excitement among the students and teachers today. I believe it is not only a sense of achievement, but also a thrill that comes from having shared a common experience. While we are all anxious to share our stories with loved ones and friends, and have done our best to feature highlights of our 43 days in this homepage, we also know there is so much that we will keep as our own… experiences that are impossible to express in words or capture in photos. There is so much more we have felt in our hearts, absorbed with all five senses, and recognized in the smiles of the people we have met. It is best described by the Japanese expression “Ichi-go Ichi-e” that means every human encounter is a single occasion that only occurs the same way once and should be treasured as a fleeting moment. We have preserved a few moments in our photos and messages but we are also bonded by the knowledge we will never be able to recreate the magic or the emotion of our experiences. For this reason I truly hope our daily messages and photos will inspire others to take up the challenge of 43 days at sea and embark on the adventure that is only possible on the Bosei Maru. It is something you have to “experience for yourself” and has been a fitting theme for our Overseas Educational Cruise.
As you can probably tell this is also my final report. I’ll be home soon.

(団役員 マーク・ハミルトン)



23 mars 2009
Le groupe 5 etait en charge des photos aujourd’hui. Journee en mer et journee libre. Aujourd’hui, rien de special au programme. Quelques etudiants se sont fabrique un “dream catcher”, plusieurs en ont profite pour recuperer quelques heures de sommeil, etc… En soiree, nous avons celebre le 24eme (!!!) anniversaire de naissance de Mme Terayama. Nous avons aussi ete informes que le nom de notre dernier party sera change. Les etudiants trouvaient que Sayonara Party etait trop triste et l’ont donc change pour : A La Prochaine Party.

<写真左:5班メンバー 写真中央:さよならパーティーの準備 写真右:夕日>

■3月23日 5班のコメント

■堀田 尚美(東海大学国際文化学部国際コミュミケーション学科)

■吉村 愛美(東海大学農学部バイオサイエンス学科)

■小木 翠(東海大学海洋学部海洋生物学科)

■渡辺 絢菜(東海大学文学部英語文化コミュニケーション学科)

■島田 未紀(東海大学文学部文明学科)

■畠中 佐和子(東海大学教養学部人間環境学科)

■徳田 みなみ(東海大学健康科学部看護学科)

<写真左:寺山先生誕生会 写真右:食堂にて工作>