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船時間2009/03/04 12:00
日本時間2009/03/04 09:30

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■3月4日 団役員コメント

4 March 2009
Today we spent the day at sea. In the morning, the doctor gave us a lecture on urology, complete with pictures of the inside of the body. It was interesting even if the pictures turned my stomach. In the afternoon, we worked some more on our coconut shells and turned them into pendants. I made a cute turtle, a flower that turned out lopsided, and my attempt at an octopus remained in the drawing stage since I was told the legs would break off when I tried to cut around them. It was a lot of fun even though I’m not exactly talented. Some of the students are talented though and they did some really nice work. In the evening, we had meetings upon meetings to prepare for our big event in Nouméa. All day yesterday, it was incredibly hot and the ocean was very calm and flat. The ocean has been that way since we left Tuvalu. It’s a really nice break from the roller coaster ride we’ve been on since we left Japan. Let’s hope it stays that way for a while. Tomorrow, we’re arriving in Vanuatu and we’ll be there for a few days. The students are quite excited, and so am I!

(団役員 メナール・アニー)



4 mars 2009
Les eleves du groupe 9 etaient en charge des photos aujourd’hui. Journee en mer. En avant-midi, nous avons assiste a une presentation tres interessante sur l’urologie donnee par le docteur, incluant quelques photos prises a l’interieur du corps humain. La presentation a ete suivie du dejeuner (lunch). Au menu aujourd’hui : hayashi-rice, qui est un genre de curry japonais non epice servi avec riz, que les eleves adorent. En apres-midi, nous avons repris notre travail avec les ecales de noix de coco de la derniere fois et les avons transformees en pendentifs (tortues, coeurs, dauphins, etc…). Certains eleves on beaucoup de talent!

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■3月4日 9班のコメント

■岩脇 昂允(東海大学工学部電気電子工学科)

■李 世傑(東海大学別科日本語研修課程)
I am happy I visited Tuvalu because I could find the Taiwan(R.O.C.) embassy. And the ocean there is more clean than Pohnpei. That we can swim at the port. Not like the port in Taiwan, it’s always dirty that we can hardly see the fish. And the dance of Tuvalu also caught my eyes. I am really enjoyed in that. I think that is a very good place that I’d like to visit there again.

■両角 健児(東海大学情報理工学部ソフトウェア開発工学科)

■田中 創土(東海大学工学部精密工学科)

■米原 康祐(東海大学農学部応用動物科学科)

■須田 翔大(東海大学工学部機械工学科)

■雨宮 輝(東海大学海洋学部水産学科)

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