English and Intercultural Communication Classes in the Bosei Maru


The purpose of this overseas research cruise English and Intercultural Communication course is to give students the English communication skills, cultural values in society, and attitude skills to diverse interactions with different people as well as words and expressions which make conversations and interactions easier to build strong social relationships in an international context. Students will work in pairs and small groups to practice the role plays, discussions, and short group conversations about the topics discuss during the classes. They also will learn how to develop analytical skills discussions of cultural values and attitudes in diverse societies.

Learning Goals and Skills

1. I can build strong relationships with people from different cultures.
2. I can understand the body language communication for first time meetings across cultures.
3. I can identify intercultural communication styles. Direct and indirect communication and individualism versus collectivism
4. I can easily start a conversation in English taking into account intercultural communication aspects in an international environment.


Class 1. Introductions. Task: Building relationships and finding common interests.
Class 2. Work and Leisure. Understanding work culture in the West: “Work hard, Play hard” compare to Japanese work culture and work culture internationally.
Class 3. Family life. Talking about family members. Do you live with your family after you turn 18 years old? Comparing Japanese society with foreign cultures.
Class 4. Personal Space. Discussing about personal space in different societies. Is personal space in Japan the same as the personal space in international societies?
Gestures and Customs. Discussing different gestures and customs in society.
Class 5. Food and Drink. Talking about your favorite kind of food? Do you like to cook? Would you like to learn how to cook in the future
Class 6. Intercultural communication recommendations
Class 7. Introductions in French