English Class

[1] Purpose
The purpose of this English course is to give students the opportunity to review and practice the English skills that they will need to successfully communicate in the real world situations that they will encounter on their overseas research cruise, such as interacting with students from Palau Community College and other local people at destinations where English is spoken.

[2] Group Research
Students will review/learn English expressions, grammar and vocabulary useful for communication and then work on interactive communication activities in pairs and small groups including discussions and role plays.

Date Contents Class #
3/2 Introducing Yourself and Getting to Know Others English 1
3/3 Sharing Information and Opinions English 2
3/11 Useful Expressions for Daily Activities and Sightseeing (Part1) English 3
3/12 Useful Expressions for Daily Activities and Sightseeing (Part2) English 4
3/17 Explanation of Past/Future Activities English 5

[3] Summary
The focus of the lessons will be on developing fluency in English and practical communication skills so that students can successfully handle conversations in situations that they will encounter on their trip in an easy and natural way. They will practice how to communicate their thoughts and opinions both on topics related to their personal interests and cultural topics, and how to politely respond to and exchange opinions with others. They will also practice asking for information and giving information to others and what to do if a communication breakdown occurs.